Our church structure is built on the principle of 'high accountability and low control'. Our Lead Pastor guides the church in collaboration with Elders and Ministry Leaders. These leaders are required to meet the Biblical standard for leadership found in 1 Timothy 3:1-3 and Titus 1:5-9, Trustees support the vision of the spiritual leadership, by providing financial accountability and charitable enablement.

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Team Structure

The diagram below represents our understanding of healthy team structure within church life. Jesus is at the centre of it all.There are varying teams, depicting different levels of responsibility. Finally, the whole structure is encapsulated by Team Victory, the team which we all belong to.We will always be a family that serves together, opening a door for others to experience the presence and power of God.

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Jesus is at the heart of our church. He is at the centre of every decision and plan we make, and we strive to live out our lives in obedience to Him. The more connected we are to church life, the closer we must walk with Jesus.


Our core leadership team consists of our Lead Pastor, Elders and Ministry Leaders.They serve the church by offering vision and care for the church family. Each member of this team oversees an area of church life and is responsible to ensure that the department contributes to our common vision. Elders sit on this team and are responsible for direction, doctrine and discipline within the church.


Wider leaders help to grow ministries that bring glory to God and hope to people through the good news of Jesus.Wider leaders are committed to loving people, pastoring others and ensuring that the values of Victory Church are paramount in the minds of all who serve on teams.


Team Victory is our way of being one family that serves together.Whilst understanding that there are levels of leadership, we strive to follow the call that God has on our church, to serve side-by-side and not top-to- bottom. Our church values are shared by every one who is a part of Team Victory.