Victory Academy

Training and equipping the next generation of world changers

Victory Academy - Theology & Leadership

Victory Academy was successfully redesigned and relaunched in September 2015. A training wing was established in the church, with a designated classroom with media facilities. This facility, along with a great team of in-house and guest lecturers, allows us to train the next generation of world changers within the local church. Gifted, trained and relevant teachers from all over the UK, as well as Victory's own leaders, come together to give every student, the highest possible level of preparation for leadership and ministry in their lives. Our Academy is Elim Training approved, which gives students a recognised route into further study with Regents Theological College. What has followed has been truly amazing as we have seen over 95% of students complete the academy. As part of Victory Academy, students produce a piece of evidenced learning for each module, which allows them time to reflect on the teaching and do their own study around each subject area. Victory Academy runs over an academic year. Modules include:

  • Character, Personality, Gift and Anointing
  • Leadership Lifeskills
  • Who Is Jesus (Christology)
  • The Church (Ecclesiology)
  • Why The Gospels (Apologetics)
  • Relationships
  • Suffering, Trauma, Attack and Loss
  • The Godhead (Pneumatology, The Trinity, Father God, Incarnation and Atonement)
  • Understanding, Preaching And Studying The Bible (Hermeneutics and homiletics)
  • Eternal Foundation (The Gospel)
  • Israel & End Times
  • Worship
  • Evangelism
  • Breakthrough Prayer

Free Courses:

Our training wing also offers the following short courses for free:

  • Start-Here discipleship course
  • CAP Financial managment course
  • Marriage enrichment course
  • Baptism course